Minimum Requirements

 Minimum Qualification Requirements

 Must be at least twenty-three (23) years of age.

  Must hold a valid Class A Commercial Driver’s License.

  Must have an acceptable Driver’s Motor Vehicle Record for at least seven years. (See motor vehicle record qualifications).

  Must have a minimum of two years experience driving tractor and trailer combinations.

Approved CDL Driving School Certification can substitute for some experience. (Case by Case Review)

  Must complete in detail the application for employment furnished by Pritchett Trucking, Inc.

  Must meet all qualifications set forth by U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carriers Safety Regulations including a current D.O.T. physical at the job applicant’s expense and furnished to Pritchett Trucking with the doctor’s report of examination.

  Must agree to submit and successfully pass a pre-employment drug-screening test under the directions of medical or laboratory services chosen by Pritchett Trucking, Inc., at the job applicant’s expense.

  Must agree upon employment to serve an initial employment probationary period of ninety (90) days.

  Must agree to comply with all company rules and regulations that are applicable.

  Must authorize the verification of work records as previous employment, MVR, workers’ compensation history, etc.

  Must not have a history of substance abuse (alcohol or drugs).

Must be willing to work on weekends and holidays, if deemed necessary.


Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) Qualifications

  No applicant (Company or Lease) will be considered for employment as a driver for this company unless the applicant has an acceptable Driver’s Motor Vehicle Record (MVR).

  An applicant will not be considered if he/she has had three (3) moving violations within the last thirty-six (36) months.

  An applicant will not be considered if he/she has had more than seven (7) points accumulated during the last thirty-six (36) months.

  An applicant will not be considered if he/she has had more than one (1) chargeable or preventable accident within the last thirty-six (36) months.

  An applicant will not be considered if he/she has been convicted of DUI or DWI within the last eighty-four (84) months.

  Any misrepresentation or falsification with regard to an applicant’s MVR will terminate the applicant without recourse.

  Pritchett Trucking, Inc. reserves all rights for final consideration of approval by management or delegated persons to hire or deny any applicant for consideration of employment with regards to an applicant’s Motor Vehicle Record.




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